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Mint your Stone

What is Stone Pets?

A New Experience Launching in July 2022

Stone Pets is a unique collection that grants its owners perks and recurring rewards, following this line we want to give collectors a complete metaverse based on Stones.

Be one of the first to get a fantastic stone as a pet and don't forget to record its memory so that everyone can see it in our "Vip Zone"

You can also see the stats, level and name of your stone. Get ready for the game we are developing!

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A Collection of 8.000 Stones

Stone pets are a collection of 8,000 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that are made up of hundreds of exciting visual features. Hand drawn Stone pets include different types of stones, each stone is unique (shape, eyes, mouth, accessory, color and type)

The Stone Pets universe is constantly expanding and new experiences like the VIP area are only available to collectors. As the universe expands, our our brand grows and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, merchandise and events through the property.

Owning a Stone pet allows you to vote on community-driven features, products, and events. This makes our collaborative roadmap decided by the founders of the project and the holders of the Stone pets through our social networks.

Wath is the Vip zone?

Get access just by holder a stone pet

By owning a stone pet you will have direct access to our VIP area with this you will obtain unique benefits like:

- A unique experience to discover the Stone Pets universe
- Put your inscription on your own stone so that everyone can see it
- Visit your stone through google maps
- Collect the unique accessories for your stone
- Access to exclusive events and products
- And much more!

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Phase 1

  • Launch of the mint to the public
  • Giveaway events for StonePets holders

Phase 2

  • Project partnerships
  • Launch of the Geolocation section
  • Launch of the Achievements section

Phase 3

  • Launch of the Charity section
  • More events and rewards for StonePets holders
  • Launch of the StoneXGameX project
  • Much more is to come...

The Stone Pets Founders


Antonio Carvajal

Known as Mercutos by the community, Antonio is a Devops based in Spain. CEO of Stone Pets.


Noelia Lucas

Known as Lia by the community, Noelia is a classic phyrologist with excellent ideas for the project, she is also in charge of directing the community